SATOM Music Hall & Gallery

SATOM is a rental space located in a quiet residential area. Conveniently, it's just a six-minute walk north of Hankyu Rokko Station, Kobe.


Located in the basement of a three-story building, it features excellent natural lighting and ventilation thanks to its lightwell. It provides two parking spaces, an elevator, internet access, a grand piano, and other facilities. SATOM is ideal for events and gatherings of up to 80 people.


Note: Currently limited to no more than 40 people due to COVID-19. Food can only be served to/eaten by event organizers and their family/staff. (As of November 2020)

Featured Events

Choose from four different plans to suit your needs.


Ideal for use by small groups for practices, lessons, rehearsals, workshops, meetings, video screenings, recordings, CD production, music/promo videos (for artists), etc.

From 1,400 yen / 1 hour / 1 person



Ideal for use by larger groups for recitals, concerts, live performances, lectures, readings, plays, dances, as a shooting location, auditions, parties, etc.


Weekdays: 8,000 yen / 2 hours

(4,000 yen per additional hour)

Weekends and holidays: ¥12,000 / 2 hours

(6,000 yen per additional hour)


Solo exhibitions, group exhibitions, sales events, product launches, presentation parties, music/promo videos (commercial purposes), etc. 

Weekdays: 18,000 yen / day 

Weekends and holidays: 30,000 yen/day

Fixed Term Use

Regularly scheduled classes, meetings, events, etc.

5% - 30% off for spot use and event use 


<Open Hours>


◎ Rental space ◎ No caretaker on-site ◎ Reservations required for pre-inspections

◎ Closed: December 31, January 1 and 2, facility maintenance days, extreme weather conditions, etc.

This 82m² venue has a 10cm high stage at the front, a 20m² waiting room located next to the stage, and a kitchen in the back.


The venue's grand piano is carefully maintained. The hall's rich sound, professional acoustic system, and production lighting allow musicians to perform to their fullest. It is the perfect size for live video streaming events.


Picture rails are installed on almost all of the venue's walls. Movable display panels, tabletop displays, and discussion areas are also available. It can also be used for exhibiting large items, group exhibitions, and sales events.


Features Wi-Fi, microphones, projector/screen, a photocopier, and whiteboard for remote meetings, presentations, and seminars.

17 tables of various sizes, a kitchen, and tableware are available to accommodate parties of up to 60 people.


Events can include a mixture of music, art, people, and food.


A variety of other items are also available for rental, and we can also help with staffing needs.


Grand Piano

YAMAHA C7 (Manufactured in 1998)

Piano Chairs: 2 hydraulic, 1 bench, 1 with back

Hammer (Renner), strings (Röslau x Degen) and other parts replaced and re-tensioned in 2014

<Spot Use> 600 yen / 1 hour

<Event Use> ¥5,000 / 2 hours (¥10,000 / 3 hours or more)

Acoustic System

Speakers, power amplifiers, mixers, CD/DVD recorders, external input terminals, microphones, microphone cables, projectors and screens, handheld video cameras, etc.

■ Microphone Set

<Spot Use> ¥200 per hour

<Event Use> ¥2,000 / 2 hours

(4,000 yen for 3 or more hours)

■ Projector Set

<Spot Use> ¥200 per hour

<Event Use> ¥1,000/ 2 hours

(2,000 yen for 3 or more hours)

Tables and Chairs

- 6 movable tables

- 6 long tables

- 5 large and 5 small square tables

5 large and 5 small round tables

- 80 chairs



Plates, glasses, cups & saucers, cutlery, etc. for parties of 50 to 60 people

Other items: coffee maker, pots, etc.

Large refrigerator, ice maker

<Spot Use> ¥200 per hour

<Event Use> ¥1,000/2 hours (¥2,000 for 3 hours or more)

Terms of Use

<Prohibited Matters and Precautions>

Bringing tobacco, flammable or dangerous items, or items that emit strange or strong smells into the venue, loud noise, excess consumption of alcohol, using the space for purposes other than that for which the reservation was made, disturbing nearby residents.  


<Terms of Use>

  •  No caretaker is available on-site.
  •  Pre-inspections/facility use is by appointment only.
  •  Full payment must be made within one week of booking. Your reservation will be canceled if you do not pay by the deadline.
  •  Member registration is required when reserving for the first time (free of charge.)The registered member (hereinafter "registered user") is responsible for the use of the facility. The registered user must be at least 20 years old and must be present at all times. You may be asked to show identification.
  •  Please adhere to capacity restrictions and take measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19.
  •  All times must be strictly adhered to. You can only enter from the start of your reservation time and must leave by the end of this time. All pre-event preparation/end of event restoration must be performed during this time.
  •  Additional on-the-day use may be possible if the facility is available before/after your reservation time. Extra use is charged in units of one hour.
  •  Note: The facility is not responsible for the hygiene of food and drink brought into the facility, even in the event of food poisoning.
  •  Lost and Found: All found items will be stored for one month and will be disposed of if unclaimed after this time. Please note that separate storage and disposal fees may be charged if incurred.
  •  In the event of a fire or natural disaster during use, the registered user must execute an evacuation plan. The facility shall not be held responsible for any injuries or other damages incurred by users unless there is a serious deficiency related to the facility or its disaster mitigation equipment.
  •  Although this facility is a modern fire and earthquake-resistant building and has a fire and security management system, we are not responsible for any incidents, accidents, injuries, problems, theft, or loss during use of the facility.
  •  Compensation may be requested in the event of damage or defacement to the facilities or equipment.
  •  Failure to comply with prohibited items may lead to suspension of use, penalty charges, or a separate claim for damages.


Address: 1-4-2-B1, Sowa-cho, Nada-ku, Kobe, 657-0063, Japan

Tel: 078-821-2140, or 050-3631-2140

Fax: 078-821-2148


Open: 9:30 - 21:30, Please contact us in advance for tours/pre-inspections

Closed: Dec. 31, Jan. 1 & 2


◆6-minute walk from Exit 2 of Hankyu Rokko Station
◆13-minute walk from JR Rokkomichi Station
◆2 free parking spaces available.
 Other vehicles may use the nearby for-fee parking lot.

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Tel. 078-821-2140 or 050-3631-2140(9:00-22:00) 

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